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Babysitting tonight:I don't have any ';fun dress up'; makeup - how do you make ';makeup';? (eyeshadows, blushes)?

So, I'm babysitting for the first time for the family 1 house away from mine. They have a son whose 8, and two daughters 6, and 4. The girls want to put crazy makeup on me; I wear normal makeup, mascara, and light eyeliner and a small bit of black eyeshadow that looks really pretty. I also use blush. I saw the girls an hour ago when I was outside and they asked me if I could bring some dressup makeup over so they could do my makeup, but I don't have any fun makeup like greens and purples ect. What should I do? I have lipgloss?! Is there any things I can bring over that could work? If not, I'm just going to pretend I forgot to bring them, but I live one house away and they'll want me to go home and get it!Babysitting tonight:I don't have any ';fun dress up'; makeup - how do you make ';makeup';? (eyeshadows, blushes)?
You could mash up some chalk. Im serious and put it in a small container. Then you could bring old lipgloss and lipstick. Maybe some hair stuff too.Babysitting tonight:I don't have any ';fun dress up'; makeup - how do you make ';makeup';? (eyeshadows, blushes)?
Just take your blushes if u use them often good luck
dollar store here you commeee

What makeup reduces blushing and can u plz help me!?

Ok well i am shy only because whenever i talk like even in front my 5 people my face gets red or if i answer a question in class that is long i get soo red. What makeup can reduce my blushing? If my face didnt get red so much i could talk to boys and sit at the popular table. Cause i mpretty its just the guys at the popular table dont talk to me anymore cause i would always ignore them cause my face got red.

Im 13 and what makeup would help reduce blushing? Does bare minerals help? Plz help me.What makeup reduces blushing and can u plz help me!?
Hey There!

Lots of people have this roseashia problem, including myself. It will definitely be morenoticeablee on people who have much lighter/fairer complexions but there are makeups that can help.

First of all, anything whether it is concealer or pre skin rev-er upper (this is the i.d. barevitamins bare escentuals bare minerals first step, supposed to smooth out anything that's uneven, helping to make the minerals go on evenly and smoothly) that is green, willcounteractt with therednesss in your skin/face. Personally, I LOVE Smash-box's photo-finish foundation primer (the green one) and I just use a little bit and rub it onto the red parts of my face before I put on my foundation/powder. I think that the Bare minerals kind of works, but it's not amazing... Also if you do use foundation or pressed powder, make sure to press (like you're blotting) thespongee into those red areas instead of simply brushing. This helps, not only with red areas but with problematic acne scarring areas, because it concentrates the makeup better and helps shink into your pores, instead of just beingswipedd on top.

Also you may want to skip blush, at least I do, because I already have such pink/red undertones that I don't want to draw more attention to that..What makeup reduces blushing and can u plz help me!?
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  • How can I cover up my blushing with makeup?

    Hi I'm in high school and have a major problem with blushing. Id like to start off this year great! Whenever i talk to guys or the teacher calls on me or during presentations i turn bright red. I know blushing when embarrassed is normal, but mine is excessive and it usually happens a couple times a day.

    Iv herd about wearing green makeup.

    do you think putting green food dye in a moisturizer would work? or would that be asking for trouble? anything green i can add thats common h'ousehold item?

    please help

    thank you :)How can I cover up my blushing with makeup?
    wear alot ??

    haha i don't think you can, sorry.

    i would go to ulta and ask someone

    I hate it!! Blushing Sucks... MAKEUP?

    How can I stop blushing don't answer if your going to say its nature you can't help it. Is there some sort of makeup whats it called. I don't where much makeup how can I not cake it on but stop the blush?

    Thanks BTW I'm 14 8th gradeI hate it!! Blushing Sucks... MAKEUP?
    rimmel has a primer called recover perfect skin. it comes in three shades, and one of them has a pale green tinge. the green helps to counteract redness, so it's perfect for helping to tone down blushing.

    the primer isn't very expensive, and you can find it in most drugstores. the shade is 03 anti redness.

    i'd use a full coverage liquid foundation over the primer, and set it with loose powder if you really want to hide the blushing. however the primer on its own, or with a mineral foundation powder over it should help a lot.I hate it!! Blushing Sucks... MAKEUP?
    hmm its hard to say normally you cant really put on enough makeup to make it go away and your only 14 so what i normally would suggest just wouldnt make sense. but i will say most guys find blushing a HUGE TURN ON so dont try to hide it work it girl. its cute!!!
    i was gona say use liquid foundation and then powder

    but that is too much for a 14 years old ^_^

    so uhmmm----try some bronzer :)
    you're bluffing stick or powder , it is a makeup that reduces facial redness.
    Blushing is cute =)

    One of my biggest turn-ons actually.

    Flaunt it girl!
    im 8th grd 2... and u wouldnt blev how much i blush!!! i feel ur pain!

    Can you imagine the Great Khali wearing skirts and applying blush-on makeups?

    i shudder at the thoughtCan you imagine the Great Khali wearing skirts and applying blush-on makeups?
    oh that would be so funny. the great khali and vito would make a tag team if that happened.Can you imagine the Great Khali wearing skirts and applying blush-on makeups?
    I can picture that because him and vito can become ';special'; friends
    no you sick freek!!!!!
    HAHA Then him and VITO could be tag team partners! Thats just sick and wrong LOL!
    Would be scary
    No, i cant imagine that i can imagine him dancing around wearing lipstick and skirt.
    HE*L no
    That is such a funny question, he and Vito would make ';interesting partners'; as a ';tag team'; I think that a whole makeup factory would be necessary for the face that not even a mother could love. excuse me while my supper exits my stomach due to the visuals of this question.
    That'd be one UGLY woman!
    No for two reasons

    1 he is too big for a skirt

    2 there isn't enough makeup in the entire universe for Khali as his face is goddamn to big and goofy looking, sorry to disappoint even make up can fix that train wreck.

    p.s Revlon and Lorelle cant do miracles. I would tell Khali to put a paper bag over his head but i would fell sorry for the paper-bag
    LOL, he could tag with Vito!

    Is there any makeup to cover up blushing on one's neck?

    Go to Macy's or JC penney and look for the make up Derma Blend.That is a cover up make up that helps with such things as blushing Burns rosacia and other imperfections check it out.It really works and have the associtae show you how to apply.Is there any makeup to cover up blushing on one's neck?
    concealerIs there any makeup to cover up blushing on one's neck?
    Jane Iredale carries a mineral concealer that covers up Tattoos and much more! Check it's called disappear camuoflage cream
    either liquid foundation or pressed powder..
    skin color foundation use the cream kind...

    Would you not date a girl because she doesnt wear makeup all the time all she wears is foundation and blush???

    Be HonestWould you not date a girl because she doesnt wear makeup all the time all she wears is foundation and blush???
    Any guys who takes that mentality for dating is a retard, and is going to get a rude awakening when he sees that person with no make up the next day. If the guy is smart he would always go for the girl who wears the least amount, because he wont have a horrible surprise when he sees her with no makeup on. honestly if you have a guy who's telling you this crap, that you have to wear a ';mask'; for him to date you, he's not worth it.Would you not date a girl because she doesnt wear makeup all the time all she wears is foundation and blush???
    I think that personally guys think foundation and powder and stuff like that is gross. They like girls that can be pretty without make-up, but they really don't mind eyeliner and mascara. I think they just don't see the point in coloring things, like eyeshadow and blush, and cakey stuff like foundation, they worry about it being weird touching you and kissing you, they don't want **** all over their face, you know?
    Do you know what...I don`t even wear foundation and blush every day. Make up is a device to make you look different, usually to make you more attractive. But when you wake up in a morning, you are not wearing make up...what do you do then? I know girls who are slaves to make up and wouldn`t dare go anywhere without it...which is great for the cosmetic industry. I know girls who don`t allow their partners to look at them with out make what is the point? I might wear a little eye liner when shopping on a Saturday, and a bit of lippy, but I don`t even wear make up to work. Make up should be used to make you look different, when it is important, not all the time. Look after your skin and the natural glow should be enough.

    If a guy decides not to go out with a girl because she doesn`t wear make up then he is really shallow and you are probably better off without him...after all we don`t expect guys to wear it to make them look more attractive do we?
    I honestly think that would make you more desireable to a man.

    I used to wear a lot of makeup... Bright eyeshadow, etc...

    Now, all I wear is blush, eyeliner, and mascara, and I get hit on more than I ever used to.

    Guys prefer a girl that looks ';natural'; believe it or not. They think you're down to earth and relatable just by looking at you.

    If you feel like it, add a tiny bit of mascara and eyeliner into your routine. EVERYONE wears eyeliner, so guys brains are sorta trained to believe that every girl wakes up with lined eyes...

    Just look at any modeling picture...

    So yeah, anyway, just be yourself. If you start wearing makeup when you don't want to, you'll attract the wrong types of guys!
    I for one dislike girls that wear make up, it shows that they dont like themselves for who they are, but thats my judgement, some girls wear makeup because itmakes them look nice, dont judge whether someone will go out because of how you look with makeup on, judge it by whether the guy ur dating just wants to get into ur pants, or is dating you because he likes you :) good luck
    okay that is the stupidest thing ever..if the guy u liked and asked out didnt like u because u didnt wear make up all da time den he dont know what a real gurl is..u shud find a guy da loves u for u..not for what u wear or who u hang wit..any guy who likes a girl cause she wears make up or has big titts or a big *** is gone end up a playa and lonely when he get old..he gone die alone unless he learn his lesson..find a real man girl..make da other guys jealous..he gone regret watevur he did to u..
    I've met guys who preferred girls who wear make-up, and I've known just as many who prefer no make-up. Most care that you look attractive in their eyes, but generally only those with control issues care enough that it would be a deal breaker for dating.
    I cannot even believe that this would be a POSSIBLE reason to date or not to date someone. You date someone because you are attracted to someone, you LIKE something about someone, NOT because she doesnt wear MAKEUP!!!
    I would date a girl regardless of if she wore makeup all the time or not. To me (this is just me) but personality and intelligence and her entire persona is way more important to me than exterior beauty.
    My bf said he didn't like make up! I hardly wear any, just blush and eyeshadow and only when I want to look nice. Maybe he just got used to the casual me.
    You girls think of it as something that makes you more beautiful. Men think of it as fake.
    I never wear any make-up at all. Maybe a few occasions when I have gone nightclubbing

    I still get guys. =)
    My boyfriend doesn't care when I don't wear makeup. Dow whatever YOU feel, not what he wants you to do.
    depends how hot she is. some women are naturally beautiful
    who wants a girl that has to cake their face in mud to be pretty?
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